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Imagine the casual atmosphere of a contemporary café, then add in the experience of a gourmet culinary experience, and Ni is what you get.

believes quality is everyone’s right and every meal has the potential to delight. That’s why only the finest ingredients are used and prepared to become eclectic dishes as a live sensation right before customers’ eyes.

is so much more than a café or a bistro. Ni is at the forefront of a culinary revolution that sets it in a class of its own, a category for which it has coined the term Gourmetî, meaning casual gourmet dining

believes in democratizing gourmet dining, making it a casual and accessible experience. As such, the menu is composed of modern Japanese and authentic Italian dishes presented in an easy to understand and appealing format.

From the first instant Ni is designed to evoke a sense of honesty and generosity, making customers feel drawn in and welcomed to the experience that awaits them. The open kitchen and live stations enhance this authenticity and engage customers in an immediate connection that works on every sensory level.

The interior design of Ni communicates its culinary expertise through – the use of metal reminiscent of industrial kitchens, – its casual warmth through touches of greenery and use of natural wood, – and its emphasis on raw ingredients through the open preparation of dishes as customers watch.

The open and welcoming design of Ni makes it accessible to all, as a casual place for teens to meet, an ideal setting for a business lunch, a choice for romantic and family dinners and more. Building on its success, and to be ever closer to its clientele, Ni opened its second branch in ABC Dbayeh in July 2018 and a third branch in ABC Achrafieh in August 2019 .

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