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Gavi is a stylish and authentic Italian restaurant that seamlessly merges traditional dishes with modern flair.

Gavi’s menu is purely Italian, offering traditional favorites, including antipasti, pasta, pizza and risotto as well as choice meat and fish dishes, with a tempting selection of desserts. Traditional techniques and quality ingredients are essential to delivering the authentic Italian experience. Only the finest flour is used for Gavi’s pizzas and, along with the pasta selection, can be requested in a gluten-free version for diners with dietary considerations.

At Gavi the experience relies on impeccable service and discreetly stylish surroundings that both allow the food to be the focus. In the light and airy setting, refreshed by views of greenery, the sensation is one of pure pleasure.

Entering Gavi is to enter a space with a prevailing sense of calm and style
The décor uses a restrained palette of subtle tones of beige for seating and white for the ceiling, with bursts of color introducing a contemporary, artistic flair. Mirrors enhance the feeling of spaciousness, creating visual intrigue and a dream-like ambiance.